Santa Lucia Pharmacy was legally constituted on Thursday, December 13, 1984. It is a privately held company founded by Dr. María Eugenia Rodríguez Valverde, who named the pharmacy after Santa Lucia´s (Saint Lucy´s) Virgin feast day. Dr. Rodríguez began her dream when she decided to meet the needs of the Alajuelan society. Her enterprising spirit, her passion towards Pharmacy and health sciences, her business and marketing skills, altogether had become the pillars on which her business was first built, and nowadays is known as one of the nation´s leading drugstore chains, recognized by both well-respected physicians and patients throughout the country.

In December 2003, in response to her innovative nature, she opened her first branch-store, in the area of Corazón de Jesús in Alajuela, and in time a second branch-store was inaugurated in Ciruelas on January 2005. It was in this moment, that Santa Lucia Pharmacy was consolidated as a renowned drugstore chain known by the name of Santa Lucia Pharmacies. In 2006, the drugstores' goals and objectives were reinforced to enhance and improve the health care provided to our patients. Subsequently, a stronger and more experienced Board of Directors was established, resulting this in the opening of a new store in Barrio El Carmen on November of that same year. We have rapidly experienced an ongoing growth and today we have expanded, therefore we have opened several store-branches in the provinces of Alajuela and Heredia, which have allowed us to deliver a better service and attention to all of our patients.

Thus, along with a renewed concept that projects a much more modern image and with a careful selection of a committed team of caring associates, licensed pharmacists, business partners and dedicated salespeople, Santa Lucia Pharmacies is seeking to solidify itself as a symbol of pharmaceutical excellence, ethics, and professionalism.


To ensure our customer´s satisfaction through a customized and professional pharmaceutical service that helps them solve their health issues in a safe and reliable manner.


To be our patient´s first choice when seeking for relief, which is provided through a superior warm and ethical pharmaceutical experience.


  • Excellence: To perform outstandingly in our daily tasks, and as a result of this to accomplish Santa Lucia Pharmacies´ both mission and vision.
  • Integrity in all we do: To act with ethics, honesty, loyalty, and decency. To be dignified and impeccable.
  • Responsibility: To undertake daily tasks with discipline, care and awareness, and fully assuming the consequences of our actions with a true commitment.
  • Respect: To direct in a harmonious and cordial way our relationships towards our patients and peers.
  • Teamwork: To understand that we shall carry out our actions in conjunction and cooperation with colleagues in order to achieve business goals.


Contactenos a servicioalcliente@farmaciasantalucia.co.cr